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The Front Rangers Board

The Front Rangers are supported by an amazing group of experienced adults who strive to create an community environment to develop young cyclists.  Our Board of Directors is volunteers of both Cycling and Non-Cycling members. We also have many volunteer coaches, and “ride leads” who teach and provide support as for the Team.  Thank you to all who choose to help us make a difference!

Shane - President

Shane Meredith

Shane currently serves as the president of the board and is a coach for both Front Rangers and Highlanders. Shane and his wife Ty met in college in 1999 and moved to Colorado Springs in 2001 to attend grad school. They decided to stay after falling in love with the environment, people, and culture. Shane works for the United States Space Force and Ty works within the mental health industry. The Meredith’s have three children, with two of them being on the Front Rangers. Their oldest also on the Highlanders mountain bike race team. The majority of the time you will find Shane and his family in the mountains on the weekends, doing many of the things they love; such as camping, hiking, cycling and skiing. The Meredith’s connection with the Front Rangers began in 2020, when their son joined the team. The cycling team has developed grit, character, and dedication in both their kids – just like so many others of the team. The team dynamic has taught the athletes sacrifice, loyalty, and commitment to something other than themselves. Shane is grateful to be able to volunteer and build up the team!

Clay - VP

Clay Worthington
Vice President

Clay spent 16 years coaching professionally in the Olympic pathway.  He has extensive experience in track sprint and endurance, as well as road racing and training.  He now is involved with the Front Rangers to express his passion and to give back to the community.  He and his dog Duke can be found at the gym or the running trails in their free time.

Patty - Team Secretary

Patty Galceran
Team Secretary

Patty is the mom of 2 teenagers, a yoga teacher, and mortgage broker. She and her family have enjoyed living in Colorado Springs for over 15 years now. While you might find her on a bike occasionally – she volunteers on the board because her son is a part of both the Front Rangers and Highlanders race team – and LOVES it! She is grateful for the skills, character building, confidence, and the sense community being a part of the team has offered both her and her son.

Micah - Treasurer

Micah Eastvold

Micah loves pizza.  Especially mountain town pizza enjoyed after a day of riding single track.  When he’s not tracking down the perfect pie he has fun taking his family to the great outdoors to experience hiking, kayaking, skiing, all sorts of boarding and of course biking.  And when he can’t ride with his kids he loves coaching with Front Rangers and Highlanders.  He has seen lives transformed by cycling, and passionately supports the character traits that are instilled through the sport.  It’s safe to say that if he’s on singletrack with knobby tires he’s having a great time.  Throw in some camaraderie sweetened by a community so unique to cycling and he’s having an epic time!

Matt - Mountain Lead

Matt Sittner
Mountain Bike Lead

Matt is a husband and the father of two teenagers. He enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, music, travel, and works for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He and his family moved back to Colorado (2015) after spending a decade on the east coast. He discovered mountain biking shortly after moving to Colorado Springs. Mountain biking has been a good way to connect with his son and the biking community has become one of his primary social outlets. He knows the importance of being an involved parent and was recently asked to join the board with primary responsibilities of Mountain Bike Lead for the Front Rangers club. Matt’s son, Ravi, is an active member of Front Rangers and also races with the Highlanders race team.

Eldon - BoD

Eldon Goates
Board Member

Eldon serves as a Front Rangers Board Member as well as a Mountain Bike and Cyclocross coach. He is our resident engineer – having done a lot of design work for RockShox, Spinner, Vanguard, TRP, Wickwerks chainrings and more. He is now in his 18th year serving with the Front Rangers. Eldon also helps with our epic rides including our annual Moab trip. As a perk, he has a home shop where he is happy to teach junior riders how to maintain and repair their bikes.

Dan - BoD

Dan Szarke
Board Member

Dan has three children ranging from teenager to young adult, one of whom spent two seasons with the Front Rangers in high school. The camaraderie and care exhibited by the Front Rangers coaches for the youth on the team are what convinced him to volunteer to help out on the board. Although you won’t find him biking the trails, he enjoys travel, reading, and outdoor activities year-round with his family. He teaches Strategic Studies courses online and runs a Book Bank out of a local church. If you have questions about Africa or the Middle East, Dan will have some thoughts … but not so much if it’s a question regarding the best line to take on the trails. Despite a lack of trail prowess, he enjoys working with all of the wonderful people associated with the team!

Jason - Highlanders Lead

Jason Chesser
Highlanders Lead

After moving to Colorado in 2020, Jason and two of his four kids got involved with Front Rangers and Highlanders where they found an incredible community of fun-loving bike riders who enjoy the many trails all over the Springs.  Jason jumped in as a coach and now serves as Head Coach for the Highlander Racing program.  Outside of biking, Jason is an engineering director in Microsoft’s Cloud and AI division and serves as an assistant scoutmaster in the BSA and has co-lead multiple high adventure trips to Northern Tier, Sea Base, and Philmont.  Front Rangers and Highlanders have been wonderful programs for the Chesser family, and Jason is glad to play a part in building a culture of teamwork, resiliency, and stewardship in our high school racing team.

Kip - BoD

Kip Biese
Coach, Board Member

Kip has an M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and a B.S. in Psychology. He has been the lead coach for the USAC Junior National MTB training camp 7 times and is an ACSM certified personal trainer. He has raced professionally in 3 continents, in Track, Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross. Kip believes rule one is to have fun and that junior training should focus on technique and skill.

Sam - BoD

Samantha Shipley
Board Member

Sam and her family found the Front Rangers Juniors Cycling Team during COVID.  When all other sports were canceled, this group found a way to keep kids active and engaged.  The following year her son joined both the Front Rangers and the Highlanders racing team.  The growth and confidence seen through supportive coaching and challenging races is amazing.  Even though Sam is not a cyclist, she wanted to give back to the group that changed the mental and physical wellness of her family.

Ethan ?

Ethan Rosenow
Board Member


Steph - Social Media Guru

Stephanie Foster
Social Media Lead

When Steph and her family moved to the Colorado Springs area, they had dabbled in mountain biking and were considered intermediate riders.  Her adventurous husband heard about the Front Rangers by word of mouth, and knew their family would enjoy the experience of team comradery, gain mountain biking skills, acquire trail knowledge on the group rides, and the welcoming of parents to ride along as well.  Their son made life long friends on the Front Rangers and the Highlanders Composite high school racing team.  Even though their son has graduated high school, Steph and her husband wish to pay it forward to the Front Rangers for inspiring their and their son’s passion of riding and the outdoors.  They continue to ride with the team as coaches and Steph as the team social media member.  Steph enjoys riding with the younger/beginner riders, to assist them in gaining confidence in a new sport, at an unhurried and encouraging pace.

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