About the spirit of Front Rangers

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Our Values


By example, we strive to meet and to teach the highest ethical standards.


Carry out all of our duties with the greatest responsibility and accountability.


For individuals, for values, for contributions, for efforts, and for achievements.


Our drive and commitment is the energy to engage, encourage and inspire others.


Promoting community through social, financial and environmental responsibility.


Supporting each other through caring, encouragement, and youth-to-youth mentoring. Building friendships deeper than cycling.


Front Rangers At Its Core


The “Front Rangers Cycling Club”, FRCC, began operating in Colorado Springs in 1997 as a spin-off from the Front Rangers in Denver. It grew from just a few members at first. Then, in 2012 the Colorado Springs team became its own entity as an official Colorado non-profit corporation with a modified name, “Front Rangers Juniors Cycling”. It is now recognized nationally and is a respected part of the community.


While we do enjoy and encourage some racing, we are Not just for racing. In fact, most of what we do is expanding skills and recreational riding. Ultimately we are here to serve junior riders.

Individualized – Start where you are, then grow to meet your goals. Your experience is unique, and anyone with the desire can find a fit.


We see the Front Rangers as part of the Cycling Community, part of the Colorado Springs Community, and part of developing responsible citizens.  There is a strong sense of purpose in supporting each other and our community by giving back through volunteering.

Encouraging the Challenge

When the program is right, cycling is transformative, both physically and mentally. We do challenge our members to try new things, and to push a little deeper. It’s how we grow.

Build Momentum

We encourage all of our team members to try new things and expand their comfort zone.

Push Your Limits

We harbor a safe environment in which each team member can expand their abilities.

Feed Sucess

Reward comes when the light turns on, when new skills are born, and when the challenge becomes success.

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Front Rangers is Juniors Cycling

Our mission is to provide Colorado Springs youth opportunities for confidence-building and personal growth through cycling.  We provide a safe environment in multiple cycling disciplines, to foster character development, athletic progress, and promote community involvement.

Group of mountain Bicyclers

Beginner, Casual, Recreational

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High School Composite Team

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Why Choose Us

Overcome Fears and Master New Skills

In order to help each team member grow to their full capability, The Front Rangers supports tiers or ability levels distinguished by personal drive and desire, level of commitment, and individual ability.

A Team of Passionate Individuals

Starting with the leadership, we are a team of cycling enthusiasts that love to teach and share skills in cycling, as well as the value of living and being good citizens – in our environment and our community.

Experienced Coaching Staff

The Front Rangers are lead and supported by an amazing network of experienced adults — parents and coaches — who care about youth, and love to share their passion with patience and care.

Safe, Fostering Environment

By providing a physically and emotionally safe environment with multiple cycling disciplines, we foster character development, athletic progress, and promote community involvement.

Folks Who Make The Team Possible

A HUGE Thank You! to all of these Generous Sponsors who support youth through Front Rangers Juniors Cycling!