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All the opportunities for the youth start with adult Volunteers. Parents and Community volunteers — riders or not — are the backbone of the organization.

Ride Volunteers support safety and learning as they lead, caboose, or ride along. Non-riding adults help with the many supporting events like team meetings, parties, business aspects, and so much more.

  • Coaches teach, and have credentials.
  • Ride Leaders plan and/or lead weekly rides.
  • Volunteers ride along or caboose weekly rides.
  • Adults may function in any of these roles depending on needs of the moment.

The Front Rangers take safety seriously — all aspects. We require the following for all adults who ride with the Front Rangers:

Group of mountain Bicyclers
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Our combined teams had 56 kids participating in 2021 (19 of these kids participated in BOTH Front Rangers and Highlanders). We are always seeking support for the youth and activities of the future.

If helping with youth cycling and teen athlete development in the Pikes Peak region appeals to you, please read below about the many ways our organization operates with the support of sponsors.

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How you can help

Front Rangers Needs

Financial Needs

Our greatest need is money to cover the many costs associated with running the teams such as insurance, team registrations, coach licensing, equipment, pro coach stipends, team activities, and need-based scholarships.  Additional details of these needs are described below.Contributions  Donations and sponsorships help reduce cost to families thus enabling greater participation.  Financial contributions in any amount are most welcome and appreciated!

Registration Fees & Rider Scholarships

Cost is a barrier to participation for some families.  The registration costs are significant, particularly with the High School League.  Then, equipment (bicycle, helmet, clothing, glasses, etc.) and other things like race fees all add up.  We firmly believe cost should not prohibit a child from participating.  To that end, we do offer limited financial “scholarships” for individual situations, to cover registration and some other expenses when sponsorship funds are available.

Pit Equipment

As the teams continue to grow, so do the equipment needs.  Things like event tents, bike tools and other equipment to keep the riders going.  Usually coaches bring personal tools and gear for supporting the team, but thanks to many sponsors, we are now acquiring the needed “Team” tools that juniors can learn with.

Coaches & Ride Leaders

While our coaches and ride leads generously volunteer their time, there are expenses like registration and background checks that the Front Rangers / Highlanders cover.  Additionally, League coaches can spend $250-$500 out of pocket to achieve necessary certifications.  We like to cover these some of these costs.  For the most part, volunteers cover their own equipment and participation costs.  As a “Thank You”, the team does pay for a team jersey for all the coaches.

Goods & Services

Sponsorship and Team assistance comes in many forms.  We certainly appreciate the many donations of nutrition products, bikes, parts, health and fitness services, and consumable supplies (tires, tubes, chains etc.).  A big THANK YOU to all, for past and future donations.

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Folks Who Make The Team Possible

A HUGE Thank You! to all of these Generous Sponsors who support youth through Front Rangers Juniors Cycling!