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How it works

We ride in ability groups, based on endurance and skill, at all our weekly rides. The number of groups depends on how many people (juniors and leaders) that come to a ride. Coaching is appropriate for each ability level. These weekly rides are for all members, regardless of the color teams.

In addition to weekly rides, we have Color Teams that are designed around commitment, goals and desire as much as ability. All Front Rangers are invited to participate in the Yellow activities. White and Blue tiers are individualized with activities and coaching to reach particular goals.

These tiers are NOT to be divisive. Rather, they form a progression for youth to be recognized, to improve, to develop, and to lead. All the tiers and activities focus on challenging the youth to grow at their level.

Please ask if there are skills you wish to learn or improve.

Beginner, Casual, recreational

Yellow Team

This is the basic membership tier designed to provide an opportunity for creating the team identity, learning skills, enjoying rides and basic coaching. All Memberships include:

  • Rider Kit – Front Rangers Jersey and Riding Shorts or Bibs.

  • Bike, equipment and service discounts through our team sponsors.

  • Some free schwag (like sponsor product) from particular sponsors.

  • Experienced coaching in each of the cycling disciplines. We encourage juniors to try them all.

  • Rides and training activities throughout the year (season appropriate).

  • Training and racing opportunities — including indoor winter training!

  • All Front Rangers are expected to participate in team meetings and team supported events.

  • All Front Rangers are expected to act appropriately to represent the team — Always.

  • Appropriate for most juniors who want to ride with peers, improve skills and have fun cycling.

  • The annual membership fee is $195.

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White Team


The White tier is for juniors that are making steps toward greater fitness and skills. These are youth that want to compete at a higher level and are willing to put forth the extra effort in training and setting goals. Perks and requirements are the same as Yellow above, plus White riders:

  • Apply with a coach. It’s somewhat informal, but it is important.

  • Are expected to set and work toward specific goals

  • Are expected to keep training journals and actively train with the team, and on their own

  • Are expected to have a USA Cycling license for their primary discipline (Road, Mountain, Track).

  • Receive additional coaching as they request from the coaches.

  • May order the White Team Kit

  • For team target races, some reimbursement for race fees

  • Annual Membership fee is $195

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By Invitation

Blue Team

These juniors are actively training and focused on race competition.  They are dedicated to cycling and wish to advance the limits of their skill and fitness.  Perks and requirements include both the Yellow and White items listed above, plus Blue riders:

  • Are the Front Rangers youth leaders and role models of the team.
  • Are expected to lead rides occasionally, and assist adult leaders on all rides.
  • Are expected to adhere to a training plan and actively set and work toward goals.
  • Are expected to have a USA Cycling license for their primary discipline.
  • Are to Race – set goals and race in at least 6 events during the year.
  • Are to Race in their discipline always as Front Rangers, in the kit, representing FRJC.
  • Are given more coaching on various levels.
  • May order the Blue Team kit.
  • The Blue Team has additional sponsors and perks to assist with the cost of competition.
  • The annual membership fee is $195.
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High School Composit Team

Highlander Racing

Highlanders is a composite team providing an opportunity for students grades 9-12 to make new friends and compete in the Colorado High School Cycling League. The team recently moved under the Front Rangers umbrella with the goal of combining resources for expanding development opportunities in our youth cycling programs.

Talk with us about eligibility with respect to your high school and programs.

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