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Front Rangers Juniors Cycling is Cycling for Juniors.

Membership in Front Rangers is open to junior cyclists (age 12-18 and exceptions).  We offer rides, training and activities in Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross and indoor winter training.  Our activities are intended to reach the needs of all the various levels of desire and ability – from beginner and recreational riders up to focused race oriented training.  To accommodate these objectives, we provide tiers – identified by team colors (Yellow, White, Blue) – each with a different focus.

Join the Team

To become a member of Front Rangers Juniors Cycling, there are some forms to fill out, and membership fees.  The registration form can be performed by accessing the following on-line link:

AFTER you register, within a couple days you'll receive an email from Voler to order a 2017 Front Rangers Kit (Jersey and Shorts). Please wait for the email from Voler. Once they receive notice of your registration, they will credit your account for the cost of the basic kit. You can use the credit to just get the basic kit, or you can upgrade the fabric or pad or style (for a few bucks extra). You can also purchase other cycling clothing like long sleeves, jackets, arm warmers or skin suits if you want. (They cost extra, but it's all FR discounted prices.) You can even order extra kits, or kits for mom and dad.

You may certainly go to the Voler Order Page and start looking now.

The following is a link to the full registration packet, which includes the Waiver and Release of Liability form and Informed Consent for Physical Exercise form.  These two forms must be printed, filled out, signed and turned into the club.  The packet also includes the team Code of Conduct.

If you plan to participate at Carmichael Training Systems – CTS – (indoor winter training) you'll need this form also.

After completing the forms, or if you have questions, please contact a coach, or send an e-mail to   We'll set a time to review the paperwork and pay the fees.

** Parent Participation is Welcomed and Encouraged – on rides, for activities, to serve on the board, and to help in many other ways.  Front Rangers is a volunteer organization, and we sincerely appreciate parental participation.  To get involved, please sign the WAIVER and RELEASE OF LIABILITY form.  There is No Fee for parents.

Front Rangers Organization and Program Structure

The Program

Front Rangers provides activities for the various cycling disciplines (Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross & Indoor Training) throughout the year. The activities are optional and in season, but we encourage all to participate.  See Active Participation for more info on available activities and requirements for participation.

To address the wide range of abilities for the Front Rangers juniors, we have created tiers or ability levels.  In general, these tiers (Yellow - White - Blue) are distinguished by:

  • Personal Drive and Desire.
  • Level of Commitment.
  • Age and Individual Ability.


White and Blue tiers are primarily individualized.  They do, however, include added activity based on the focus, but all Front Rangers are invited to participate in the "Everyone" activities.

These tiers are NOT intended to be divisive.  Rather, they form a progression for youth to be recognized, to improve, to develop, and to lead.  Some activities integrate all the tiers, others focus on particular levels to challenge the youth at their level.  White and Blue activities are more intense so we encourage riders to choose participation based on their ability.

Coaches and ride leaders will tailor activities for each individual to grow and improve in their desired way.  We need to know, however, what is desired – so please ask.

Yellow - White - Blue

Front Rangers activities focus on three tiers categorized by ability, commitment and desire:

  • Yellow – Beginner / Casual / Recreational – Everyone.
  • White – Intermediate – by application.
  • Blue – Advanced – by invitation.


Yellow Riders:

This is the basic membership tier designed to provide opportunity for creating team identity, learning skills, enjoying rides and basic coaching. All memberships include:

  • Rider Kit - Front Rangers Jersey and Riding Shorts or bibs.
  • Bike, equipment and service discounts through our team sponsors.
  • Some free schwag (like Powerbar product) from particular sponsors.
  • Ability to earn Ranger Points toward purchase of products and services from select sponsors
  • Experienced coaching in each of the cycling disciplines.
  • Rides and training activities throughout the year (season appropriate).
  • Training and racing opportunities - including CTS!
  • All are expected to participate in team meetings and team supported events.
  • Appropriate for most juniors who want to ride with peers, improve skills and have fun cycling.


White Riders (the above, plus):

The White tier is for juniors that are making steps toward greater fitness and skills.  These are the kids that want to compete at a higher level and are willing to put forth the extra effort in training and setting goals.  White riders:

  • Are expected to set and work toward specific goals.
  • Are expected to keep training journals and actively train with the team, and on their own.
  • Are expected to have a USA Cycling license for their primary discipline.
  • Receive additional coaching as they request it from the coaches.
  • Application to participate at the White level is informal, please talk to a coach for approval.


Blue Team (the above, plus):

These juniors are actively training and focused on race competition.  They are dedicated to cycling and wish to advance the limits of their skill and fitness.  Blue riders:

  • Are the Front Rangers youth leaders and role models of the team.
  • Are expected to lead rides occasionally, and assist adult leaders on all rides.
  • Are expected to adhere to a training plan and actively set and work toward goals.
  • Are expected to have a USA Cycling license for their primary discipline.
  • Are to Race - set goals and race in at least 6 events during the year.
  • Are to Race in their discipline always as Front Rangers, in kit, representing FRJC.
  • Are given more coaching on various levels.
  • The Blue Team has additional sponsors and perks to assist with the cost of competition.


Program Costs

Costs to join the team are divided:  First, the annual team dues; and Second, ordering the Team Kit (team clothing).

Annual team dues are divided by the team color program:

  • Yellow - Beginner / Casual / Recreational - $160 annual membership.
  • White - Intermediate - $185 annual membership.
  • Blue - Advanced - by invitation - $305.

In the past, the Team Kit was included as part of the team dues -- we have cut dues, and each member will now order their own Front Rangers Kit – Jersey and Shorts (or bibs) – directly from  (a team sponsor).  Other items and/or upgrades may also be purchased (at additional cost), but are not required.  This new approach allows team members to order upgrades to their clothing (if wanted), order other optional clothing (jackets, arm warmers, etc.), and have the clothing shipped directly to their home.  Deadlines for ordering apply.

Click here to order your kit.

Additional costs of participation include:

  • USA Cycling license (required for White and Blue), and that cost will depend on the discipline(s) (road, track, mountain bike).
  • Race and event registration fees - varies by event. Participation is not required for Yellow and White levels.
  • Track riders have additional fees for using the Velodrome. These fees can be explained by a coach prior to joining the team.


Indirect and optional costs include equipment and event participation fees:

  • Entry and participation fees for races and special events.
  • In general, there is no cost for regular club activities.  However, on some occasions activities are held in fee areas (like state parks). These events are optional.
  • Each cyclist is required to have and keep-up their own equipment: a bicycle suitable for the discipline, a helmet, shoes and safety equipment (as needed).
  • Club leaders are  willing to teach bicycle maintenance and repair when juniors are interested.  This will give skills and reduce costs.  Ask if you want help.
  • A team kit is required to be purchased separately from team dues (see above). Other clothing -  especially for weather related riding - is the responsibility of each member.
  • Discounts are often available through our sponsors for bicycle parts, service, clothing and equipment needed.


Active Participation (for Juniors and Parents)

We encourage all members to actively participate in Front Rangers events like team meetings, weekly rides, training enhancement presentations, special events, and service activities.  The Front Rangers exists entirely on volunteer participation - by members, staff, and parents.

Parent participation is critical! Getting children to and from events is only the start.  To keep the club functioning, we need support from both member and member families and ask each parent to commit volunteer support of at least one of our special events.  This can include things like race course marshaling, registration, food preparation, transportation for the team, serving on the board or performing a special assignment, etc.  The tasks are not difficult, but will take some time.  A few hours support from everyone accomplishes great things.

The special events we support can include one or more bicycle racing events and sometimes service activities (like trail maintenance or cleanup).  Some events we have historically supported are: the Turtle Challenge / Ride to Save a Suicide and the Sand Creek Sports Mountain Bike Race Series, and the Pro Cycling Challenge

Front Rangers supports cycling events like these because:

  • We are required to put on or support an event as part of our "Center of Excellence" status with USA Cycling.
  • We are required to assist with promotion events for some of our sponsors, like Powerbar, as part of representing them as our sponsors.
  • We believe in giving back.  The cycling community has made teams like ours possible, and we want to assist and improve it for everyone.


Weekly Rides and Activities

We offer rides and activities in Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross and Indoor Winter training.  Team members are encouraged to try all the disciplines.  Membership includes all activities, so come try them all.

All team rides and special events are announced via e-mail and are usually displayed in the team calendar.  Special events are also announced via Facebook.  Ensure the coaches have your e-mail and other contact information correct on our team roster, then check your e-mail often so you don't miss out.  We look forward to seeing you at a team ride soon.

 Cycling Licenses

Cycling licenses are administered through USA Cycling.  For convenience we have a copy of their license application here, but please see the USA Cycling web site for information and to register on-line.

USA Cycling License Application

The cycling license is not required to participate at the Team Yellow level.  It's a good idea if you plan to race, but not required for Front Rangers participation.  For the White and Blue levels, because those are race oriented, a current USA Cycling License is required.

Note: Organizational changes brought ACA back to USAC and now BRAC is what ACA was for licensing.  When purchasing a USAC license it is advantageous to pay the "join the local organization" fee (BRAC);  It streamlines the process, and riders’ USAC numbers are their license # -- no more requirement for 2 licenses.  Please see USA Cycling web site for more info.

 Special Events

Front Rangers hosts several special events through the year.  Some of these are traditional events we do every year, some are impromptu, some are once in a lifetime.  Examples are:

  • Season Kick-off meeting - usually in March.
  • Mid season meeting / special ride / party.
  • End of the season party (usually in Aug. or Sept. - that doesn't mean we're done riding.)
  • Special ride events - annual Monarch Crest Trail ride, Spring break in Moab, road century ride, etc..
  • Team Race events - Crested Butte (Wild Flower Rush), Sand Creek local races, etc..
  • Impromptu events like Saturday trips to Rampart Reservoir, Pipeline, Lake Pueblo, etc. (announced via e-mail with hopefully a few days notice).
  • Team participation special events like assisting with the Pro Cycling Challenge, and more.


 Ages and Age Exceptions

Front Rangers is aligned to junior cyclists ages 12-18.  There are exceptions as noted here:

  • For juniors under age 12, we require a parent or responsible guardian to attend and ride with the young cyclist.
  • We want the experience to be positive for everyone, and if a younger rider is significantly slower than the group, they will not have a positive experience.  We therefore ask that the young cyclists come ride with the group once to be sure they are ready.  Fill out the paperwork, then come on a ride before paying the membership fee.  The coach and parent will assess the situation and decide about completing membership.
  • For those race age 19 and above, we welcome you to come and participate as staff for the Front Rangers.  We are always in need of assistants to participate in the rides.


Race Age is your Age on December 31 of the year in consideration.

White Level Program

The White Team is an intermediate level for juniors wanting  to focus on a structured training regiment with specific cycling and fitness goals. This program is individualized with the coach and the junior with the purpose of achieving the goals. Most times this will include training plans and requirements set by the coach.

A junior wanting this  additional coaching may apply (informally) to a coach and request the change in membership level. The request will be met with questions regarding desire, commitment, and ability - then performance and participation will be considered. There is no age limit for the White team, but participation history - how long the junior has been actively involved  in cycling - will be a strong consideration.

Additional perks for the White team include special jersey's and access to earn more Ranger Points.

White level rides will occur as needed and available by the coaches. These are faster, longer, and/or harder rides than our Yellow (Everyone) rides. Juniors participating in the White level rides are expected to be at a fitness level that will allow them to complete the ride without delaying the group.

White level riders are expected to participate in races in their primary discipline. No minimum number is specified, but individual expectations will be worked out with the coach.

Blue Level Program

The Blue Team is a special honor in the Front Rangers team.  Acceptance of an invitation to be on the Blue Team comes with greater responsibility and expectations for training, but also comes with some additional perks.

This year we have some added benefits specifically for the Blue Team.  As part of being on the Blue Team, invitees will receive 2 kits - including the special Blue Team jersey.  We expect riders to wear their Front Rangers kit in all races, at all team ride events, and in training where appropriate.

The Ranger Points program is designed, in part, to assist and encourage active participation, racing, and training. The blue team members will have greater access to earning Ranger Points to assist in offsetting the cost of participation.

Additionally, some special sponsor items will be provided to members of the Blue team. This may be product from product sponsors, or special services (like bike fits and special testing (like VO2 max)).  Additional coaching, not only from the Front Rangers staff, will be available to Blue Team members. The value of these added benefits will be substantial, and are intended to help these dedicated kids excel in the sport.

The Blue Team program is evolving and will continue to expand as greater sponsorship resources are secured.  It is something we are actively working with to assist these dedicated junior riders.

More Information

For more information and to answer specific questions, please contact a Front Rangers coach or representative via our Contact page. We look  forward to hearing from you. Whether you're looking for some fun kids to ride with or want to train and compete at a high level, the Front Rangers has a spot for you!


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