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    Clay Worthington


    Cat 3 Road & Cat 3 Track


    In these here United States!


    Missouri State Univ & Midwestern State Univ

Front Rangers Member Since


Favorite Rider

    Brad Huff (Jelly Belly)

Favorite Cycling Team

    Front Rangers, of course!

Favorite Ride

    When I win … these are usually flat and hard … but I also really enjoy the rides when we laugh

Favorite TV Program

    The Office & John Stewart

Favorite Song / Group

    Anything that is or sounds like Dave Matthews Band / O.A.R / Jack Johnson / John Butler Trio / etc.

Favorite Movie

    The Usual Suspects

Favorite PowerBar

    Oatmeal Rasin

Favorite School Subject

    I was always a sucker for P.E. and Weight Training in high school but I was also really good at Math, Science, History, etc … ;-) I’m basically your “all-arounder” in school … Just don’t ask me to do Calculus

Additional Info

    I was a personal trainer at a private gym for 3 years during my B.S. studies

    I ran a junior cycling team in TX (Team Shadow … now defunct) during my M.S. studies

    I was one of nine coaches selected to participate in the USOC Scholarship Coaching Program … the only one from USAC. Of those nine, I was one of two who were asked back for the 2nd year of the program. Of those two, I was the only one to complete both years of the program.

    I was hired by USAC in Feb 2006 to work in the Track Sprint Program. That program was cut in 2007. Later in 2007 I was given the responsibility to grow and develop Madison riders … in 2008-09 our first team one the UIV overall … the first American team to win the Amateur series. We are starting our 2nd team this coming winter … riders are being evaluated to fill the two-man team.


McCafferty Small

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