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The Front Rangers  Juniors Cycling (FRJC) is a USA Cycling sanctioned club that organizes  racing and training opportunities in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area for cyclists between the ages of 12 and 18. Our mission is multi-faceted to meet the needs of a  wide array of cyclists:

    First, to make cycling a part of young people's lives

    Second, to prepare young, interested, and motivated cyclists for competition

We accomplish these  goals through weekly rides that appeal to both competitive and  recreational cyclists. Team members benefit from training rides, coaching, racing opportunities, uniforms, and equipment discounts.

    Third, to encourage character development in young cyclists

    Fourth, to provide an avenue for community involvement

These goals are less tangible yet very important to the club's mission. Cycling on a team enables juniors to develop responsibility, respect for others, self-awareness, and sportsmanship. FRJC is a channel for young cyclists to become involved in the active Colorado  Springs cycling community through rides, races, and other activities.  FRJC also gives back to the local community through volunteerism.

Our track riders are fortunate to have the 7-11 Velodrome in Colorado Springs and many of our club activities are at the Velodrome. You don't have to own a track bike to participate in club activities at the Velodrome, as bikes are available for use thanks to the Colorado Velodrome Association.

Road riders can participate in regional road and criterion races or just recreational training rides.

Mountain bikers can train and compete in the Mountain States Cup Series, as well as other regional events or just ride for the fun of it.

For road and off-road riding, your own bike and equipment are required.



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